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A Guide to Caravan Insurance

If you own a caravan then you’ll want to get it protected with a suitable insurance policy. Just like any expensive possession, caravans are at risk of damage and theft and therefore must be protected for your own peace of mind. Some people wrong believe that their car insurance will also cover their caravan. This is usually not the case unless this has been specifically requested so it’s necessary to get additional cover to protect your caravan.

The two main types of insurance you can get are touring caravan insurance and static caravan insurance. Touring caravans are those that are used for traveling and therefore must have a higher level of cover because of the risks associated with being on the road. Static caravans are the kind that you’ll often find in holiday parks and typically don’t move from where they’re located. Most caravan insurance providers will offer policies for both types of caravans so whichever type of caravan you own, you’ll be able to find a policy that suits.

Caravan Towing Advice

Whilst having insurance in place is strongly advised, it’s preferable if you can avoid any claims if at all possible. Below are some tips for towing a caravan safely –

  • Use a vehicle that’s suitable for towing
  • Never exceed the speed limit
  • Ensure the caravan is not overloaded

By adhering to these rules you can greatly reduce the chance of having to make a claim and more importantly make yourself and other road users much safer.

Cover Options

  • Contents Insurance – Many people now take expensive electronics such as smartphones, tablets and laptops with them when they travel. Getting contents insurance will cover your contents for theft and damage so you can have full peace of mind.
  • Breakdown Assistance – If you don’t already have breakdown assistance for your car then you can get this included as part of a caravan insurance policy.
  • Accidental Damage – If your caravan were to be accidentally damaged either by yourself or a third party, it’s reassuring to know that you will be covered for repair costs. For malicious damage you must get vandalism included in your policy as a separate option.
  • Fire and Theft – Fire and theft are two very important risks to cover for when you own a caravan. Because caravans are typically quite expensive, they can be targeted by thieves. Fire can also be a big risk, especially if you like to have outdoor barbeques which many caravan owners do.

Choosing the Right Policy

When you’re looking for a policy online it’s important to think about what level of cover is most appropriate for the way you use your caravan. For example if you only use for caravan at certain times of the year then a limited mileage policy is a great way to save money. If you take your caravan to places were there are large crowds, such as outdoor music festivals, then getting contents cover is very wise.

Of course your budget will play a large part in the type of cover you select but it shouldn’t be your only concern. The whole point of having insurance in place is to give you peace of mind that should your caravan be damaged or written off, you’ll be fully protected.

Getting Quotes The Easy Way

If you’d like to get quotes for caravan insurance from a panel of caravan insurance specialists it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click the red button below and once you’ve supplied a bit of information you’ll then have access to the quotes immediately.

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